The Problem with Lexile Levels Lately

What is it with lexile levels lately? Valerie Strauss has an opinion, and quite frankly so do I. I have this debate all the time with colleagues who claim that their students are reading books ‘on their level’. Many people I know use lexile levels to better match texts to the level at which students are reading. That’s fine.  Lexile levels of texts offer concrete information and don’t really require much work to figure out. But for me, lexile levels mean almost nothing.  Do I use them?  Sure.  All the time?  No. Are they are good tool to have?  Absolutely.  Does it take away my responsibility to read the content of the text? Never.

The content of a text is important. (A simple, yet powerful statement, right?)  I have read plenty of books with adult content that a sixth grader could read. It doesn’t mean sixth-graders should read them. I would be interested to see the lexile level of Fifty Shades of Grey. And plus, just remember that many books aren’t popular because of their lexile level; more often the most popular books are some of the easiest to read.



One thought on “The Problem with Lexile Levels Lately

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