A Boss or a Leader?

Own Morale

Part of being a leader is owning the good and the bad. I think that’s hard for people. Everyone wants to be great and do well and no one wants to admit they dropped the ball or failed at something. But what I’ve learned so far is this: be honest with yourself and your staff, accept defeat honestly, challenge defeat honestly, and follow through honestly. When you are honest with yourself and others the follow through will always be positive and success is much more likely to occur. 
I think a leader is honest and a boss tries to appear honest. And this involves trust too. Your staff has to trust you. They need to feel secure when they interact with you no matter the topic. And leaders listen and synthesize. A boss hears you and files your concerns away–or ‘delegates’ those concerns to someone else (note the sarcasm–delegates means ‘passing the buck’.). If, as a leader, you are looking for people to follow your initiatives you need to listen to them and be honest with them in order to build trust. You need to do this genuinely–well, as genuinely as possible. (Some people need to complain…and not that their concerns aren’t valid…they just don’t know how to present them at that moment without venting.) So. To me, a boss is someone who wants to look like a leader, or enjoy the perks of a leader, and someone who tells others what to do and how to do it with no concern for their point of view or feelings, but a true leader is an honest person who listens to their staff, and leads them in the right direction through being a positive and honest example. 

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