What’s More Important…The Work or the Deadline?

I love this article. My co-teacher and I have this discussion all the time: deadline vs. doing the work and learning. We always try to re-address things and sit with kids to help them even after the work was due. It’s tough when kids start to catch on that they can turn in work “late” and we are still working on that. But at the end of the day we care most about the students trying, practicing and doing, more than we care about grading papers from three weeks ago. We say “you can almost always replace a zero”. (I should say that don’t like putting in zeros for work that is not done, I don’t think that is right…assessment should be just that, but amalgamated vs. disaggregated grades are for another post…) My job is to teach the material, and assess the work that comes back to me in order to help the student.  I don’t think that punishing them for work undone is right. I should also say that I know deadlines are important, but when it comes to the work, I care more about the “doing” and the presentation of knowledge, than about the compliance.

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